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Central Chile - Los Vilos to Chillán:

Chiletur Copec Centro
Promoservice SA, 2017

27 x 13 cms./ 312 pages

Ch$ 5.450

Touristic guide from La Ligua to San Carlos plus Easter Island and Juan Fernández Island. Includes road maps (scales from 1:500.000 to 1:840.000), larger maps of interesting zones, city maps, historical, geographical and cultural information, list of hotels and services.

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Adventure Map Central Chile & Argentina
Spanish, English, German

67 x 92 / 17,5 x 13 cms.
on stone paper

Ch$ 6.500

Lado 1: Desde La Ligua hasta Vichuquén, desde la costa sel Pacífico a Mendoza y San Rafael en Argentina.
Lado 2: Desde Vichuquén hasta Chillán, con el Paso Pehuenche y la ciudad argentina de Malargüe.
Contiene códigos QR para acceder directamente a la descripción de las caminatas de la zona.

Rutero, 1:500.000, coordenadas UTM.

Nº 4 Zona Central

68 x 100 / 27 x 15 cms.

Ch$ 4.900

Side 1: From Pichidangui to Rengo
Road Map, 1:400.000

Side 2:city maps of Santiago, Valparaíso and Viña del Mar

La Campana
Spanish, English, German

70 x 70 / 18 x 12 cms.
on stone paper

Ch$ 6.500

Lado 1: El primer mapa de trekking del Parque Nacional La Campana. Con el Cerro La Campana y el Cerro El Roble, y los distintos sectores del parque. Líneas de altura cada 50 m, grilla compatible con GPS. Con rutas de trekking, caminos de acceso, campings, etc.
Lado 2: Fotos de las atracciones y un gran dibujo panorámico de la fauna y flora local.
Trekking y montañismo, 1:30.000, coordenadas UTM y Lat/Long

Paloma / El Plomo

60 x 42,5 / 21,5 x 12,5 cms.
Special map, printed on demand - Ch$ 8.900

Routes to hills Paloma, Plomo and Leonera; Farellones, La Parva and Valle Nevado, Yerba Loca Natural Sanctuary

Mountaineering, Trekking; 1:50.000, contour interval is 25 m

Chiletur Copec
Santiago For Tourists
Promoservice SA, 2016

27 x 13 cms./ 144 pages
Ch$ 6.950

Complete touristic guide of Santiago with its main attractions to enjoy the capital and its surroundings. Urban attractions, historic neighbourhoods, entertainments, tours, sports and excursions. Gastronomy, accommodations, bike lanes and the net of public transportation.

English version, specially meant for tourists.

Trekking Alrededores de Santiago
M.Osandón - J.Gardeweg -
Editorial Compass 2012

20 x 13 cms./ 112 pages
Ch$ 10.000

This guide is an interesting proposal of excursions around Santiago, that includes clasic routes and also new ones, like the coastal trekking which links Horcón with Maitencillo and a visit to the refugio Plantat at San José de Maipo volcano. The 21 excursions are meant to be made in one day, many of them with the family, hence the order from less to more difficulty. Each one has detailled maps and photographs of the routes, and also mentions the flora and fauna of the central region and gives practical advice and recommendations.

Mapa Turístico de Santiago

68 x 100 / 25 x 12 cms.

Ch$ 5.000

Side 1: Map of Santiago between Estación Central and Avenida Manquehue, Ciudad Empresarial and Estadio Nacional

Side 2: Touristic información about historical places, tipical neighborhoods, going out and eating. Maps of Metro lines and main access highways.

SANTIAGO DE CHILE - City Map & Guide

50 x 70 / 17 x 10 cms.

Ch$ 2.800

Side 1: Mapa of downtown Santiago, from the Estación Central until Los Dominicos, with boxes of Avenida las Condes until the road to Farellones. Touristic and cultural places, sports, embassies, etc.
Scale aprox: 1:19.000
Side 2: Satellital map with the access roads to Santiago; Subway (Metro) net; touristic information in English, culture, shopping, transport, night life, etc

Cajón del Maipo
Español, english, deutsch

57 x 84 / 19 x 12 cms.
on plastified paper

Ch$ 5.000

Side 1: Cajón del Maipo from Las Vertientes till the international border, including Lagunillas, Embalse El Yeso and Baños El Plomo
Side 2: Detail map from Lo Valdés/Baños Morales to the border: Baños Colina, M.N. El Morado, Volcán San José and Cerro Marmolejo with ascent routes. A lot of trails for trekking and activity symbols.
Trekking and mountaneering, 1:50.000, coordenates in Lat/Long y UTM.

Nº 5 Maule y Bío Bío

68 x 100 / 27 x 15 cms.

Ch$ 4.900

Side 1: From Rengo and Pichilemu to Bulnes and Talcahuano.

Side 2: From Bulnes and Talcahuano to Lago Caburgua.

Road Map, 1:400.000

Río Los Cipreses
Español, english, deutsch

75 x 70 / 18 x 13 cms.
on stone paper

Ch$ 6.500

Side 1: All the national reserve Río Los Cipreses with a lot of hiking trails and activity symbols.
Trekking, 1:100.000

Side 2: Details from El Manzanal to the area of Placeta de Maitenes.
Trekking, 1:25.000, coordinates Lat/Long y UTM.

Altos de Teno
Español, english, deutsch

68 x 77 / 18 x 13 cms.
on stone paper

Ch$ 6.500

Lado 1: Mapa de la reserva privada Alto Huemul, con rutas de trekking, zonas de camping, etc.
1:50.000, coordenadas UTM y Lat/Long.
Lado 2: Mapa de la cordillera al este de San Fernando y Curicó, muestra la zona entre el Volcán Tinguiririca y el Volcán Peteroa-Azufre, con el Volcán Planchón, el Cerro Alto del Padre y la Reserva privada Alto Huemul.
Orientación, Trekking, 1:150.000; Recuadro 1.50.000 zona volcanes Planchón y Peteroa
Líneas de altura cada 50 m, coordenadas UTM y Lat/Long

Costa de Maule
Español / English

70 x 90 / 17,5 x 13 cms.

Ch$ 5.000

Side 1: Pacific coast near Duao - Constitución - Pelluhue - Arcos de Calán, Road map1:180.000; Detail map "Maguillines & Quebrada Honda" 1:20.000; insert "Dunas & Humedales de Putú" 1:40.000
Side 2: Detail maps of "Arcos de Calán & Tregualemu", 1:15.000. Ilustration of the most common coastel bird.
Both side show a lot of hiking trails and 4WD routes.

Condor Circuit
Spanish, English, German

70 x 91 / 17,5 x 13 cms.

Ch$ 6.500

Side 1: National Reserves Radal Siete Tazas and Altos de Lircay. Covers from Parque Inglés and Vilches Alto to the volcanoes Descabezado Grande and Quizapu; wide net of trails and paths that connect the region.
Scale 1:50.000, coordinates in Lat/Long (one-minute-grid)
Side 2: Detail map of the area Vilches Alto - Enladrillado 1:25.000; detail map of the area Siete Tazas - Parque Inglés 1:25.000.

Laguna del Maule
(Winter Trails)

Español, english, deutsch

52 x 63 / 17,5 x 12,5 cms.
on stone paper

Ch$ 6.500

Lado 1: Área al norte de la Laguna del Maule hasta la frontera. Muestra muchas rutas para caminatas con raquetas o ski de travesía. Zonas de peligros de avalanchas.
Escala 1:35.000, coordenadas UTM (cuadrícula cada 2 kms) y Lat/Long
Lado 2: Descripción de las rutas con código QR, ilustraciones de aves de cordillera, avisos turísticos.

Vn. San Pedro
Spanish, English, German

69 x 75 / 17,5 x 13 cms.

Ch$ 5.000

Side 1: Area south of Maule river, a little known region for trekking and horseriding. Covers the Melado valley and the vulcanoes San Pedro and San Pablo. with contour lines, trekking routes, hot springs, shelters, hostels and campsites.
Scale 1:50.000, coordinates in Lat/Long and UTM.
Side 2: Map of downtown talca plus a list of recommended hostels and tourist services

Nevados de Chillán
Spanish, English, German

70 x 75 / 17,5 x 13 cms.

Ch$ 5.000

Side 1: From Recinto to the mountain range Nevados de Chillán and National Reserve Ñuble (Los Peucos, Valle Hermoso); valleys of Las Trancas, Shangri-La and Aguas Calientes
1:50.000, coordinates in Lat/Long (one-minute-grid)
Side 2: Details of Las Trancas-area (Scale 1:12.500); listing of touristic adresses, native flora.

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