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Punta Arenas - Puerto Williams


PUNTA ARENAS -> PUERTO WILLIAMS (oder in Gegenrichtung)
Austral Brom, 30 Stunden, Fähre mit Sitzen, ab US$ 175
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This trip offers the possibility to know the extrem south, and sail through the channels of Tierra del Fuego for a very reasonable price. The ferry Yaghan brings the supplies for the inhabitants of Puerto Williams, in the Navarino Island, across Ushuaia (Argentina), in the Beagle Channel. It is not a touristic excursion with detours and visits to glaciers (for that purpouse you have to contact Cruceros Australis), but it is an espectacular journey nevertheless, with wonderful sights of the glaciers in the Cordillera Darwin and the chance to have a closer look to the way of living of the people of this far away land.


The boat sets sail from Punta Arenas in the Magellan Strait and goes towards south through the Paso de Hambre and continues southwards using interior channels like Magdalena, Cockburn and Ballenero to finally enter the mythical Beagle Channel, with an amazing landscape with fjords, ancient glaciers, snow covered summits and wild vegetation. All of it is part of the National Park Alberto de Agostini. Sea animals watch with curiosity the easy navigation of the ferry, until its arrival in Puerto Williams, in the Navarino Island. It is not a well known island, but it has very interesting trails for those who wish to discover it.

The service is kept all year round. There are 4 trips a month, one per week, generally leaving on Thursdays from Punta Arenas and on Saturdays from Puerto Williams. Ocasionally it sails without passengers because it carries dangerous cargo, like gas or other fuels. It is necessary to confirm one or two weeks ahead, in case there are any last minute changes in the schedule.
Punta Arenas -> Puerto Williams 
Puerto Williams -> Punta Arenas
Warning: The trips may have changes due to weather or sea conditions, or traffic problems.

Prices in Chilean Pesos

Adults, Seat "Semi Cama"
Ch$ 108.110
Adults, Seat "Cama"
Ch$ 151.110
Children between 2 and 10 years

If you want to make a reservation, please contact directly Transboradora Austral Brom S.A. in Punta Arenas, Juan Williams 06450, phone: (56) 612 728 100, or through their web site

The Yaghan ferry runs between Punta Arenas and Puerto Williams

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