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Who we are:

TravelAid was born as an extension from Hostería La Tetera, which worked from 1994 to 2005 under the managment of its owners, the Swiss-Chilean couple of Hans Liechti and Verónica Araneda. The Liechtis felt at their hostel the need to provide their passengers with extra information about what to do in Pucón, organize excursions and tours for them, and with the time they even became shipping agents.

After 11 years running Hostería La Tetera, they first rented it and finally sold it. But the Liechtis didn't leave Pucón. In November 2005, TravelAid was officially born, at their address in Ansorena street, just off the main street O'Higgins. There they have a wide selection of maps for sale, and can help in a better way the customers that come in need of specific information, specialized travel books, reservations for boat trips, the Lakes Crossing or the trip from Pucón to San Martín de los Andes through the Hua Hum Pass. They can also issue the Obligatory Insurance needed if travelling by car to Argentina.

Since 2009 they also have two touristic apartments for rent on the Camino al Volcán, so they are kind of getting back to their origins in the hostelling branch.

Hans Liechti and Verónica Araneda are journalists, but with over 15 years of experience in Tourism. Both speak English and German, which is very useful to provide a better service to the foreign tourists that visit Pucón. Before they settled down, the Liechtis travelled through all Chile and most of Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Europe.

Commercial Information:

Enterprise Name: Sociedad Comercial Araneda y Liechti Ltda.
RUT: 78.521.000-K
Reponsible Manager: Verónica Araneda Ramírez

Bank Account in Chile:

Holder: Sociedad Comercial Araneda y Liechti Limitada
Bank: BCI - branch Pucón
Account Number: 70015856
RUT: 78.521.000-K

PayPal Account:

Holder: Verónica Araneda Ramírez

Member of Pucón's Tourism Chamber

Registered in Sernatur's list of Travel Agents in the Araucanía Region.


Verónica Araneda Ramírez

Hans Liechti


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