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Pucón and Lake District

Puconturismo - Official site of Pucón's Tourism Chamber, with hotels and services list, plus general information about the city. (Spanish) 
Pucononline - Very interesting information site with live webcams, 360º-pictures, etc. (Spanish)

Interpatagonia - Argentinian site about Pucón with helpful information (Spanish - English) - Private site which offers hotels, activities, agencies, etc.  (Spanish - English - Portuguese)

Rancho de Caballo - Horseback riding trips in the Pucón area (German - English - Spanish)
Campo Antilco - Horseback riding and kayaking (school and guided trips) in the Pucón area (English - German)
Language Pucón - Recommended Spanish and English School in Pucón (English - German - Spanish)
Parque Nacional Villarrica - The National Park's blog (Spanish)

Information about skiing on Villarrica volcano:
Skipucon - Official of the Ski Center, managed by Gran Hotel Pucón (Spanish)

Skipucon Interpatagonia - (Spanish - English - Portuguese)

Information and pictures of the volcanic activity: 
Volcán Villarrica - Very detailed site with great fotos and live cams (Spanish)
Global Volcanism Program - Site of the Smithsonian Institution (English)

Information about Mapuche culture:
Rehue Foundation - Information and articles in English, Spanish and Dutch
Ser Indigena - Mapuche and other indigenous cultures in Chile (Spanish - English)
Ñuke Mapu - Mapuche Documentation Center (Spanish)
Mapuche People - More links to mapuche related sites (English)

Weather in Pucón:
Meteochile - 5-day weather forecast for Pucón and Araucanía Region (Spanish)

WeatherChannel - 10-day weather forecast for Pucón  (English - Spanish)

AccuWeather - 5-day weather forecast for Pucón/Caburgua (English)

General information about Chile

Sernatur - Official Chilean Tourism Board (Spanish - English)
TurismoChile - Promotion site for Tourism in Chile (Spanish - English - Portuguese)

Lonely Planet - Online-version of this famous travel guide (English)

Transport in Chile
LanChile - Information about flights and online reservations (Spanish - English)

Turbus - Chile's biggest bus company. Get schedules and rates anywhere between Arica and Puerto Montt (only Spanish)

Lodging in Chile

(Backpacker's) Best of Chile - Selection of convenient traveller hostels and hotels (English - German - Spanish)
Hostels for Backpackers - Selection of budget priced and convenient traveller hostels (English - German - Spanish)

Recommended Hostels
El Patio Suizo - Bed & Breakfast in the quiet Providencia neighbourhood, Santiago

Casa Chueca - Very nice guest house close to Talca, Central Chile

La Suizandina - Friendly guest house near Curacautín, close to Conguillío National Park

Adela y Helmut  - Small farm hostel in the countryside close to Cunco, near Temuco 

Torre Suiza - Very popular backpacker's hostel in Villarrica, Lake District

Casa Azul - Friendly hostel in Puerto Varas, Lake District
Compass del Sur - Popular backpacker's hostel in Puerto Varas, Lake District

Outdoor Activities
Conaf - Site of the Chilean National Parks' Administration (Spanish)
Trekkingchile - Excellent information about trekking and hiking (English - Spanish - German)

Andeshandbook - Site with descriptions and routes of most Chilean mountains (Spanish - English)
Chile Climbing Page  - Climbing and mountaineering in Chile
(English - Spanish)
Escalada en Chile -Chilean climbing site with useful information (English - Spanish)
Flora and Fauna

ChileBosque - Very complete and beautiful site about flora of the Chilean forest (Spanish - English)
Enciclopedia de la Flora Chilena - Site about Chilean flowers and trees (Spanish)
Aves de Chile - Description, pictures and sounds of Chilean birds (Spanish)
Insectos - Site dedicated to the Chilean insects (Spanish)

GPS, Carthography and Orientation

Kowoma - Excellent site about how GPS works, what you must know and what's just interesting (German)
GPS-Infoseite - Interesting site about field use of GPS (German) - Lots of links to different sites about GPS (English)
El - Most complete Spanish site about GPS (Spanish)
CompeGPS - One of the best softwares to work with GPS on your PC (Spanish - English) - Maps with 20-meter-contour-lines for Garmin receivers (English)
Proyecto Mapear - Free Road maps of Argentina and Chile for Garmin-GPS-devices (Spanish)
The Degree Confluence Project - Funny project playing with latitud and longitud (mostly English)
World Magnetic Model Calculator - Calculates the actual magnetic declination of any location (English)

International Travel Sites

Travelaholics - Hostels and Cheap Hotels wordwide (English)
Hajo Siewer Jet-Tours - Your specialist for flights to South America (mostly in German)


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