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Excursions in Pucón and Surroundings

Pucón offers a wide variety of tours and activities for every taste, from the easy area tours, visiting the lakes, waterfalls and hot springs; through water sports like rafting, kayaking or sailing, to the more demanding, several-day-lasting trekkings and horseback riding excursions.

In these pages we introduce different kind of excursions that re less known, starting with hikes and horse rides.

Trekking Tours

We offer different excursions from less to more demanding physical conditions. Some we organize ourselves, and for others we have operators with experience in the area.

Andean Lagoons
Hualalafquén Lagoon and Malalco Waterfall
Cochor Lagoon and Hot Springs Río Blanco
Sollipulli Glacier (2 days)
Huerquehue National Park

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Description of Hikes and Treks

In this section we introduce different walking excursions within the areas of Pucón and Curarrehue. Some are easy and even peple with little expererience can do them by themselves; others are more demanding and knowledge in orientation and carthography are a must, or take a guide to come along with you.

If you contact us with time, in TravelAid we can organize the hikes described entirely, contact a guide the knows the place to drive along with you or just help you finding transportation to the desired area.
We also have maps of the zones, GPS devices uploaded with the tracks and waypoints of the desired excursion, and -if carrying your own GPS- we can sell you the information to load in your device.

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Horse Riding

It is possible to make from half day to several day horse riding excursions through a beautiful countryside, along the volcano slopes, next to the hills of Quelhue or in the Catripulli valley. It is not necessary to have riding experience, since you go with a guide and there is the adecuate horse for every one.

These excursions are made by experienced people with years working in this kind of tourism. The guides speak Spanish, English and/or German. For more information , please contact us..

Ethnoturism - Workshops to learn more of the Mapuche culture

A different form of tourism is to learn ancient technics from the local indian culture of our region. Until the end of the 19th century, the Mapuches struggled to control their territory from the advances of the western pioneers. Today they still keep alive several of their traditions that we can learn in interesting and fun workshops.

Mapuche Tour in Curarrehue
Loom Workshop
Mapudungun Worshop (Mapuche language)
Pottery Workshop
Mapuche Cooking Workshop

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Rent a GPS device, with uploaded tracks and waypoints

The use of GPS (Global Positioning System) has become very popular lately. To go on excursion with the support of a GPS equipment provides great additional safety. We can rent you a GPS device, uploaded with the tracks and waypoints of the desired excursion, or -if carrying your own GPS- we can sell you this information to load in your device.

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