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Pucón - San Martín de los Andes
Puerto Varas - Bariloche
(Cruce Andino o de Lagos)
Puerto Montt - Chaitén
Puerto Montt - Puerto Chacabuco
Chiloé - Chaitén
Quellón - Puerto Chacabuco
Hornopirén - Caleta Gonzalo
Weekend Cruise
Fiordo Quintupeu

Weekend Cruise
Ruta Veliche

From Puerto Montt:
From Pto. Chacabuco:
Catamaranes del Sur
From Bahía Exploradores:
Expedition Launches
Puerto Montt - Puerto Natales (Navimag)
From Puerto Natales to Southern Ice Field
(Skorpios III)
Punta Arenas - Ushuaia
(Cruceros Australis)
Punta Arenas - Puerto Williams



Boat Trips

Sailing through the Southern channels and fjords can be an unforgettable experience, and that is the reason why many tourists take this alternative not only no enjoy Chile's natural beauty, but also to meet other fellow travelers.
Most of the trips start from Puerto Montt, the harbour from where set sail the boats that cover the routes towards Carretera Austral, Laguna San Rafael and Puerto Natales (Torres del Paine). There are also some short excursions to Laguna San Rafael that start at Puerto Chacabuco. From Punta Arenas, on the Magellan Strait, there are boats that set sail towards Tierra del Fuego and Ushuaia (Argentina); and there is also the possibility to take a boat to Antartica.
The ships also have the important mission to connect this distant area with the rest of the country, since there are no roads through the huge ice fields that isolate this region. That is why there is a diversity of boats covering these routes: from cargo ones, others that take cargo and local passengers, and also exclusive touristic cruisers. But be aware that with
"Cruiser" we don't mean the huge ships that carry thousands of passengers. On the contrary, the cruisers through the Southern channels are for up to 150 people, and the biggest boat in the area, the Navimag ferry "Evangelistas", has a capacity of 260 passengers.


North of Puerto Montt there are two interesting alternatives for travelling between Chile and Argentina: You can cross the Andes on a combination of road parts by bus and navigating lakes inserted in the mountains. The better known one connects Puerto Montt/Puerto Varas with Bariloche, formerly called "Cruce de Lagos" or "Lake Crossing", now advertised as "Cruce Andino". Since 2008 there is a new option connecting Pucón with San Martín de los Andes called "Travesía Navegando Chile Argentina".

Routes' Summary
Crossing the Andes by boat
Pucón -> San Martín de los Andes (Argentina)
In Out Patagonia 1 day Bus/Ferry/Boat
from US$ 295
Puerto Montt/Puerto Varas -> Bariloche (Argentina)
Cruce Andino 1 or 2 days Catamaran / Touristic Bus
from US$ 230
Carretera Austral
Puerto Montt -> Chaitén
Naviera Austral 10 hours Ferry
from US$ 24
Puerto Montt -> Puerto Chacabuco
Navimag 24 hours Ferry with cabins
freight only
Chiloé -> Chaitén  
Naviera Austral 5 hours Ferry
from US$ 38
Quellón (Chiloé) -> Puerto Chacabuco 
Naviera Austral 30-40 hours Ferry
from US$ 25
Hornopirén -> Caleta Gonzalo  
Naviera Austral 5 hours Ferry
from US$ 10
Puerto Montt -> Fiordo Quintupeu -> Puerto Montt (Weekend Cruise)  
Skorpios 2 days Touristic Cruiser
from US$ 350
Puerto Montt -> Islas de Chiloé-> Puerto Montt (Weekend Cruise)  
Skorpios 2 nights Touristic Cruiser
from US$ 560
Laguna San Rafael
From Puerto Montt
Skorpios II 6 days Touristic cruiser
from US$ 1.740
From Puerto Chacabuco
Catamaranes del Sur 14 hours Touristic catamaran; there are programs in combination with the Hotel Loberías del Sur
from US$ 265
From Bahía Exploradores (road access via Río Tranquilo)
Expedition Launches 1-3 days Adventure trip in boats for 10-14 passengers
from US$ 220
Patagonian Channels Overlook
Puerto Montt -> Puerto Natales
Navimag 4 days Ferry with cabins
from US$ 550
Puerto Natales -> Southern Ice Field -> Puerto Natales
Skorpios III 4 days Luxury touristic cruise
from US$ 1.970
Tierra del Fuego
Punta Arenas -> Puerto Williams (Navarino Island – Chile) 
Austral Brom 30 hours Ferry with seats
from US$ 175
Punta Arenas -> Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego – Argentina)
Cruceros Australis 4 or 8 nights Touristic Cruiser
from US$ 1.590

Skorpios III in front of the Amalia-Glacier. Photo: Copyright by Skorpios

Observing the landscape from the boat

Navimag's Ferry Evangelistas

Catamaranes del Sur's ship visiting the San Rafael-Glacier

Sea lions colony

Puerto Aguirre. Photo: Copyright by Skorpios

Impresive landscapes in Patagonia's channels

Skorpios III leaving the Quintupeu-Fjord. Photo: Copyright by Skorpios

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