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Laguna Huesquefilo – Villarrica National Reserve
Leider hatten wir bisher noch nicht Gelegenheit, diese Seite ins Deutsche zu übersetzen. Bei eventuellen Fragen können Sie sich aber an uns wenden.
It is a short walk to this remote lagoon in the Andes, surrounded by araucarias. It offers wonderful views to the snowy summit of the Sollipulli. However, since it is a long drive from Pucón, it is better to combine it in a circuit with other excursions, instead of planning it as a day trip.
General Information:

Distance and duration:
Until the beach in the south shore of the Laguna Huesquefilo there are 14,2 km roundtrip, 1¾ to 2½ hours uphill, 1½ to 2 hours back. Starting point at 990 meters, maximum height 1.320 meters, total ascent 380 meters.
From Reigolil there are extra 11 kms until the start of the excursion, mostly flat. In time there are about 2 to 3 hours, depending on how much weight are you carrying around.

Physical demand:

Easy. There are no signs to the start of the trail, but once you are there, it is very easy to follow.

We recommend trekking boots; with dry weather good sport shoes are fine.

Entrance fee:
There is none.


How to get there:
From Pucón, take the good paved road to Curarrehue until km 37. After this town there is a turn to the left with the sign Reigolil. You have to cross the bridge over the Trancura River and immediately afterwards turn again to the left. Now you drive through a good gravel road. At km 38 we reach another bifurcation and you have to take again the road to the left. At km 46 we cross a bridge over the Maichín River, which runs in a tight bed. Always driving through the main road of the valley, at km 49 there is the impressive catwalk “Basas Grande” which is well worth a visit. The road continues through the valley along several hamlets and the small villages of Quiñenahuín (km 65) and then Reigolil (km 79). Until this point there is public transportation once a day. If you are not driving your car, you can cross using the catwalk and continue through a dirt road upriver, always along the main valley, until reaching the entrance to the reservation.
From Reigolil the gravel road continues along the valley which gets wider now and it is possible to see the Nevados de Sollipulli at the bottom. The Nevados is a chain of summits, which actually is the border of a huge crater 3 to 5 kms wide. At km 83 you have to turn to the right and take the road that crosses the Sollipulli River and continues to the north. We come back getting closer to the main river. At km 86 we reach another bifurcation to the right, we cross the Reigolil River and immediately afterwards we turn to the left to get more into the valley. Now the road gets difficult to follow and, if you are not driving a high clearance vehicle, it is better to continue on foot. At km 90 there is a welcoming sign to the National Reservation. After another kilometer we reach a gate and the path gets so bad that it is better to park here.
Route description:

The valley gets narrower and the trail gets closer to the mountain slopes. You can hear the torrent of the River Reigolil or Curinemo further below, but you scarcely see it through the foliage. This first part passes through a well worked countryside, crossing gates and fences limit the trail. After walking for about 20 minutes, you have to take the path to the right which is well marked with a big CONAF sign. Through the trail that continues to the north it is possible to get to Melipeuco in a long walk.
The trail starts to climb the mountain slopes. There are parts with open prairies and others under shadowy forests. There are parts where the trail seems to split, but many times it gets back together. In case of doubt, it is better to always take the one to the left. Walking for another 30 minutes from the beginning of the ascent we reach a plateau, a prairie with araucarias, coigües and bamboo. It is clear that this zone was once exploited; the slopes show remains of old timber fires provoked by the pioneers. To your back there is the southeast slope of the Nevados de Sollipulli with a chain of prominent summits, waterfalls made by the thawing ice that precipitate to the valley.
After walking for another half an hour we reach the shore of the Lagoon Huesquefilo, a water body about 1.000 meters long and 300 meters wide, at a height of 1.295 meters above see level. The shadow of a group of araucarias invite to a picnic.
On the opposite shore you can recognize a sandy beach. To get there you have to follow a path that gets to right (south) and continues along the shore. Several small rivers flood the path and make it difficult to follow, but after 30 minutes a detour to the left will take you to the beach. Other paths continue to the border landmark with Argentina, which is nearby.
From the beach there is a beautiful view to the Lagoon Huesquefilo with the Nevados de Sollipulli at the bottom. Only to get this view, the entire excursion is well worth. Officially it not allowed to camp here, but remains of many bonfires indicate that this prohibition is not quite followed.
The way back is using the same path.


Logistische Unterstützung:

Sie können für diese Wanderung einen Deutsch sprechenden Führer für Ch$ 50.000 (US$ 100) anmieten.

Wenn Sie ohne Farzeug unterwegs sind, können wir Ihnen Transport zum Startpunkt vermitteln (bitte mindestens einen Tag im voraus bestellen). Dies sind die möglichen Alternativen, Preise pro Gruppe bis zu 4 Personen:

Transport zum Wanderbeginn:
Ch$ 60.000
Hinbringen und Abholen (am selben Tag):
Ch$ 90.000
Transfers und Wanderung mit Deutsch sprechendem Führer
Ch$ 110.000

Preise für Gruppen über 4 Personen auf Anfrage.
Wichtig: Mögliche Eintrittsgebühren sind nicht inbegriffen.

GPS Miete:
Wir können Ihnen einen GPS-Empfänger Garmin eTrex mit den für diese Wanderung nötigen Tracks und Waypoints vermieten.
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Area map

Path among bamboo and araucarias

In the shadow of araucarias

First meeting with the Huesquefilo lagoon

Sandy beach on the southeastern shore

Huesquefilo lagoon with the Nevados de Sollipulli in the background

The access is not easy

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